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Our Fight for Respect and Dignity Continues

By  Make the Road New York Staff / Make the Road New York

To wake up after the election in the United States as an immigrant, a person of color or an LGBTQ individual, or a human being who believes in the dignity of all people, was to wake up with dread in our bellies and fear in our hearts. In this country, on one night of history, hatred and misguided resentment in the hearts of a tragically large group of people swept over our nation and won.

There is much grieving to do. Many of us are exhausted from working hard to create a different morning than the one we woke up to. We thought we would rest today, then move forward with our work. But now what we need from each other, what our members need from us, and what we do next has transformed.

What we do now has taken on a level of importance like no other moment in history. What is clear is that each and every one of us must help the most vulnerable among us not to live in fear nor to retreat from their right to live as fully human in this world. We need to transform the nation that last night gave in to fear rather than hope.

In recent years, with your support, we’ve made New York a national leader in welcoming immigrants and advancing the rights of working people. Now we’ll make sure that New York pushes back against the federal government, and continues to shine a light of hope and progress even in the darkest of times.

More than ever we need support for both survival services AND long-term organizing in our communities.  If you can help by donating, by joining us on Wednesday for our annual Gala or sharing this email with your friends, please do.

With your partnership and tenacity, we can create a future that we're proud to leave our children.

Thanks for all that you do.


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