Please review the Program Guidelines and Eligibility presented in this website before applying.

Applicants are encouraged to submit to our online application form before mailing in the full application described below.

Application can be made at any time. However, applications mailed by March 15th will be reviewed for the spring meeting and applications mailed by September 15th will be reviewed for the fall meeting.

Applicants should submit one copy of a proposal (no more than 7-10 pages) that describes the following:

The Foundation will accept proposals prepared in a “common application” format. The application should include:

Please refrain from using folders, binders, and glossy packaging materials.

Send the application, with a cover letter signed by an authorized person (usually the executive director or director) to:


Susan Collins
The Abelard Foundation-East
P.O. Box 148
Lincoln, MA 01773

We encourage you to use regular, first class mail, not overnight.

Review Process: Receipt of the proposal will be acknowledged by mail. The review process generally takes three to four months. The Board of Directors meets twice a year, generally in June and November. Once the Board has made its decisions, applicants will be notified either by mail or phone.