Program Guidelines


Fundamental to the grantees of Abelard East is the strategy of community organizing as they work toward the goal of a more democratic, just and equitable society. While organizations may engage in other complementary strategies, e.g. advocacy, electoral participation, research, etc., the strategies are employed as a complement to the core focus on organizing. Part of an organizing strategy is the development of local leadership and the empowerment of their constituents. We also look for strategies that reflect the connection between local work and broader policy issues and the efforts to address them at the state, regional or national levels.

Abelard East is committed to supporting local progressive social change activities that expand and protect civil liberties and civil and human rights, and promote and strengthen community involvement in, and control over, the decisions that affect their lives. We do not focus on any issues in particular, e.g. housing, health, the environment, or education, etc. Our grantees are involved in a broad range of issues which involve the question of civil and human rights.

The constituents of Abelard East’s grantees are poor and low-income people seeking to affirm their civil or human rights. These include, among others, the disenfranchised, immigrants, workers, people of color, the disabled, etc.